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As a gambler you can take advantage of this, because the deposit bonus is basically free money that you get extra when you sign up or when depositing a new amount of money into your online casino account, although of course you still meet the conditions of such a deposit bonus must comply. What are casino deposit bonuses and what are the benefits?

Do not confuse deposit bonuses with other bonuses
The promotion is one of the bonus forms that online casinos offer to keep new and existing customers happy. The deposit bonus is sometimes confused with the welcome bonus, which is only intended for new players.

You can also receive the deposit bonus as an existing player, for example as a thank you for your loyalty and active participation in the online casino. A deposit bonus can therefore look in various ways;

Cash amount: For example, you get a 50% bonus if you deposit at least an X amount in your account. This often happens if you have not been active for a while and online casinos want to activate you again to start gambling.

Free spins: In exchange for your active participation in the casino you will receive free spins from the casino. You can use this alternately on all video slots or on a limited number.

The welcome bonus: If you open an account and deposit the first amount, you will receive a deposit bonus that can vary between 50% extra and sometimes even 200% extra as bonus money.

The playing conditions
Although you can see a deposit bonus as “free money,” this is not the case in most cases. Sometimes you get free casino bets from an online casino if, for example, you have spent at least 50 or 100 euros on various casino activities for a week, but this is something else with a deposit bonus.

The deposit bonus can, for example, be 100% on a deposit and up to a maximum of 25 euros. That means that with a deposit you get 25 euros extra bonus money if you deposit the full 25 euros. If an online casino offered this bonus without playing conditions, the casino would be bankrupt within a few months. What do the playing conditions look like?

Where can I expect a deposit bonus?
The most important conditions can be found in particular in the number of times you have to play the bonus amount (and sometimes the deposit), how many days you get the time for this and whether you can bet the deposit bonus on a limited number of casino games. Of course it also depends on which part of the online casino you want to wager the bonus; Sports, Live Casino, table games or video slots.

Example of the deposit bonus
The conditions that apply to the deposit bonus are quite achievable, especially if you gamble frequently and are therefore not afraid to wager money. In practice you will see that you have to play the deposit bonus 30x for example and that you get 30 days for this. This can, incidentally, vary between 15x and 45x play, depending on the online casino. The period within which you must play the deposit bonus can also vary. If you have to play both the bonus amount and your deposit, then you have to do this “only” 6x within the set period, but you will be dealing with a double amount.

The example:
Casino A gives you a deposit bonus of 100% up to a maximum deposit amount of 30 euros. The conditions stipulate that you can only bet the deposit bonus on a video slot, but one of your choice. Your maximum bet per spin is 3 euros per spin. You get 30 days to also play the bonus 30 times, which amounts to 30 × 30 = 900 euros in 30 days.

With a maximum bet of 3 euros per spin you need 300 spins within 30 days to play the bonus. That amounts to an average of 10 spins per day and that is easy to do.

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